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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  February 18, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> have it neat, harris. [laughs] >> thank you everyone for a great conversation as always, thanks to you for watching and now here is "america reports." >> sandra: this is a fox news alert, the fbi and u.s. attorney's office in brooklyn are now reportedly investigating new york governor andrew cuomo and his senior aides over claims that they covered up covid deaths in nursing homes in this state. meanwhile senate republicans on the judiciary committee are also calling for a congressional investigation into how he handled nursing home deaths in his state. the story seems to be changing quickly. thank you for joining us everyone. hello, i'm sandra smith. >> i'm john roberts in a snow way washington, d.c. welcome to another edition of america reports. new york's governor insists there is nothing to investigate but there are growing calls from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to strip governor cuomo of his emergency powers.
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the governor even threatened it to "destroy him during a phone call. >> and just moments we will be speaking with republican congresswoman from new york nicole malliotakis. she said the governor's days are finished. >> john: but first we go to bryan llenas live in brooklyn, with the very latest on all of this. >> the albany times union is reporting that the fbi and u.s. attorney investigation is particularly focused on senior members of governor andrew cuomo's covid-19 task force and whether or not his administration purposely withheld the nursing home deaths told data from lawmakers and the department of justice despite the fact that they were requested and also whether or not they withheld the information from the public. now new york democratic assemblyman ron kim is accusing governor cuomo of obstruction of justice and is leading an effort to strip the governor of his pandemic emergency executive
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powers. yesterday governor cuomo dismissed kim attacking his personal integrity and kim hit back revealing "governor cuomo called me directly thursday to threaten my career. he said i hadn't seen his wrath and that he could destroy me. he says kim is lying at hand at today's of "the new york post" reads a raging bully. new york city mayor bill de blasio, apparently agrees today. he attacked the governor saying he has had similar conversations and threats from governor cuomo and meanwhile democratic leaders of the new york state assembly are reportedly set to remove those emergency powers as soon next week. don? >> it's interesting to see democrats lining up against governor cuomo. obviously a long way for the story to go. bryan llenas, brooklyn. >> let's bring in republican congresswoman nicole malliotakis.
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what facts do you know about the story so far that are leading you to say that the governor's days as governor are over? >> on may 7th it was on your network that they first said that there needs to be a federal investigation into the mishandling of the nursing homes. on march 25th they issued the executive order and on top of it, we saw that that executive order continued even after the alternatives like the javits center and the u.s. navy comforts ship that president trump sent. the issue now has become that since august there has been a doj department of justice inquiry into what occurred on march 25th without executive order, what led to it and why did it continue after the alternative options. so we fast-forward now and i can tell you that since then, the state legislature which i was a member of last year, the house hearing in which commissioner zucker came and left, he had
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been stonewalling this entire time. then he learned that the attorney general, and her reports, that he had actually underreported the number of facilities by 50%. then the associated press outlined that it was a 40% underreporting of the number of positive patience that were actually put in these homes to begin with. so this has really -- every week we are learning more and more about what has occurred here and finally we are seeing my colleagues on the democrat side of the i'll come forward and say this is not right. but first the executive powers have actually abused his power, and we want it to be done independently. and that is i think the key to make sure there's justice for these families. >> sandra: what is your response to ron ken's allegations that he was threatened by the governor over
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the phone? >> as the twitters fear is saying, nobody is surprised by this. he's a governor -- he has bullied state legislators in the past and even mayor de blasio this morning so this is common practice by somebody like governor cuomo. he's a bully, and i believe what assemblyman kim is saying, what we do need is new yorkers to continue speaking out and demanding that the local elected officials put pressure on the governors to resign. thousands of new yorkers have said they've had enough of andrew cuomo and those who want to join the call can go to enough and sign on. >> he did not do anything wrong. in fact he planted the spread of misinformation as the biggest problems that he and his administration had faced through all of this. what do you see him doing next?
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>> if the governor is in denial, and the misinformation that his office has played to the media, and they needed a thorough investigation. i know the governor is stubborn and about his steals and a little bit, and someone needs to be held accountable. the governor is the one that needs to be held accountable. >> sandra: congresswoman, we appreciate your time this afternoon. of course at the center of all this are so many new york families that were affected by this that lost loved ones and are demanding answers. >> john: it's so interesting to see that the democrats are going after cuomo to the degree that they are.
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we will talk more about this through the next couple of hours. the east coast is bracing for another round of a dangerous snow and ice. new york city at the center of the storm after seeing double its typical snowfall. the southeast also in the path of danger, we are pretty icy here in the nation's capital. in the meantime this week's historic storm in texas and surrounding states now blamed for at least 30 deaths, nearly half a million people without power for a fourth day and a 7 million are being told to boil tap water before drinking it. reporting live from the center of it all, casey stegall. >> good to see you john. officials are now warning texans to be prepared for what they call a disaster inside of a disaster. because we have seen long, long lines of people bundled up outside of grocery stores, water distribution sites and food
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banks looking for supplies and bottled water. that's for people that even have stove tops and have power back into their homes so that they are even able to boil it. all of the houston metro area, the nation's fourth largest city and all of austin under mandatory boil water advisories, because of forces, frozen pipes and equipment at water treatment facilities. if there is a silver lining its power outages have dropped significantly over night from about 2 million in two about a half million. here's governor greg abbott by the way telling reporters that when power isn't all to blame here. >> the fact is, every source of power that the state of texas has access to has been compromised because of the ultracold temperature or because of equipment failures. >> north of here oklahoma is also still digging out from this
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powerful storm, lots of snow on the ground in that state making travel conditions treacherous. a short time ago president biden tweeting that he and jill are keeping family here in texas and also in oklahoma and other impacted states, people sitting in the dark and keeping them in prayer and that he has declared states of emergency which frees up fema generators and supplies to go to those who desperately need it. john? >> john: certainly a lot of people in need there, the lights are coming back on boat a long way to go. >> sandra: while texas is dealing with a power crisis we can now confirm that senator ted cruz flew to cancun with his family during all of this. these photos on social media appear to show that republican senator at an airport but they have not yet been able to independently be verified by fox news. but a republican source does tell us of the photos speak for themselves.
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representatives for senator cruz have not yet responded to our request for comments. millions are dealing with power outages across the states and the ap is now reporting that cruz and his family are making their way back less than 24 hours after they were sent to depart. >> john: the story goes that he was set to come back on saturday but has not thought twice about that and is coming back down. but after he was critical of another politician for going to couple some's on lucas' not too long ago it seemed odd that he would choose this week to shuffle off to cancun. >> sandra: as soon as we get a comment, we will bring that to our viewers. >> john: 's sweeping changes for immigration policy and introducing plans to provide a pathway to citizenship's for millions of immigrants in a country illegally. meanwhile the first wave of 25,000 asylum-seekers are expected to cross the border
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tomorrow. william la jeunesse live in neck alice. >> opening the door to migrants who have been living in cramped shelters as well as camps with no medical or travel history is one concern, but another of course is the latest immigration bill that you mentioned. some support that because it unites families, it legalizes people who have been working out at the table, raises wages and removes the fear of deportation but critics say it also unwinds decades of policy and rewards millions of people who entered illegally. it also provides green cards or work permits to daca recipients, farmworkers or people who are only supposed to be here temporarily. and bills that made legalization contingent upon border security, this one does not. no mandatory e-verify for employers and it adds judges to
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reduce the immigration backlog but also provides taxpayer-funded attorneys to migrants. it does nothing to close the asylum loophole that allows many to enter illegally and stay indefinitely. the other regional concern, like the 1986 immigration bill, this one apparently does nothing to close the door to others who want the american dream but can't get a visa and will enter illegally. secondly like any immigration bill it has to have a cutoff date but those in the future would not be qualifying. this one says january of this year. or january of 21 and basically many say that was unenforceable. that's still a magnet if you will and many shelters south of the border coming up. >> john: if you get people streaming across the border it's difficult to say, you should have been here two months ago. according to some people it's likely not go to.
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william la jeunesse, thank you so much. >> sandra: the power crisis continues in texas for a fourth day and the finger-pointing continues as it green energy supporters blame coal and gas. but, is it renewable energy that actually failed that state? it's complicated and we will dive into that. and a sexual harassment at the organization is not new. and they have proof. they knew about it for quite some time, details on that, next. ...standing in the struggle. hustling through the hurt. asking for science, not sorrys. our time... ...for more time... ...has come. living longer is possible- and proven in women taking kisqali plus fulvestrant or a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor. kisqali is the only treatment in its class
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>> sandra: now brand-new fallout rocking the project, one of the founders john weaver accused of sexual harassment by more than 20 men.
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and now former employees claim to group leaders knew about it for quite some time and it did nothing at all gillian turner has more than that from washington. jillian, has the lincoln project done anything to address these mounting allegations? >> that's a great question because right now that lincoln projects leadership is for the first time acknowledging this title wave of crises that's hitting its shores. they put out there for a sort of p.r. effort to address the allegations of sexual misconduct against john weaver and mounting financial troubles. in a statement they say "we have been operating like a campaign and we now know that we have to put in place some organizational structures and processes to continue our evolution. in responding to reports that management misspent tens of millions of dollars and siphoned off huge sums to shadow firms operated by the cofounders, the groups announcing "a stewardship report" for our donors that will break down artist expenditures so our donors understand how we spent the contributions.
10:19 am
but, this might not cut the mustard for some of their former employees who claim the leadership knew about dozens of sexual harassment allegations against weaver for months but stayed silent. the staffers are allegedly allowing weaver -- excuse me. the staffers are allegedly saying that the firm allowed it weaver unfettered access to multiple young men working there. they say if the lincolns project leadership knew we can wasn't a serial predator but then continued to place interns recommended by him in the spring and summer, the lincoln project and knowingly put us and our lgbtq colleagues in danger. now sandra, the group is saying they thought of themselves as a campaign rather than this tremendous super pac that takes in hundreds of millions of dollars which is what they actually are because legal sources say this is how they are setting up to bat back this sort of flood of lawsuits that they know is heading their way.
10:20 am
>> sandra: gillian turner for us on that. >> john: as texas deals with extreme weather, politicians and pundits are rushing to green energy proponents of redirecting blame for the massive failure of the states power grid. "the wall street journal" editorial board pushing back yesterday in an article titled texas spins into the wind. james 3 minutes of fox news contributor and associate editor for "the wall street journal." these complaints that it a green energy that it led to this were quickly beaten back by green energy advocates. but "the wall street journal" opinion piece, the editorial board wrote last week's wind generation plunged as demand surged and fossil fuel generation increased and cupboards looked like gap between fairbury seventh and february 11th. that fell to 8% from 42%. so overall the story is a little bit more complicated than some people of been suggesting it is.
10:21 am
>> that's right, john. i think the politicians and bureaucrats that oversee the system in texas are eager to deflect attention and obviously people who favor climate change policies and pushing us towards renewable fuels also want to deflect what's happening. instead of and what power has been produced. once the power has been produced you will see this dramatic plunge in wind it leading up the arctic blast, turbines freezing and a massive increase in the power being generated by natural gas and coal. now yes, there has been problems due to these cold temperatures across the energy industry, different types. but what's absolutely clear is when you look at the output it is wind that has tumbled and it
10:22 am
is the fossil fuels that have picked up the slack and increased output during this period. i think once again it's less than what we seen in california. obviously the renewable fuel of choice is solar and texas favors win but it's the same story. we know they are intermittent and i think what a lot of these things as regulators are learning's and they are unreliable and a whole other way which is turbines freeze. >> john: just to reiterate that point, fossil fuel went off-line but the wind was already off-line so it exacerbated the situation is this a warning about going to call him on a green field? the egg have been there and land off-line to please the lord's of climate change but the public pays the price when blackouts occur because claimant of essence has made the grid too fragile. as a sort of a cautionary tale
10:23 am
here? >> i think it's a caution in a number of ways and would been talking for years, it was obviously a big part of the presidential debate last year, how much we are willing to pay to achieve these theoretical climate goals. but this is a different danger here and that is not just the increased cost of that comes with renewables but the lower the reliability. and i think that's what i would hope that people across the country are looming at this insane, as a bottom line, the power has to be here when we needed especially in these extreme conditions. it's also a lesson when you look at this incredibly complicated bureaucratic architecture that oversees the energy system in texas, this is not the free market at work. i know some people like to call this the results of deregulation but it's the opposite. people have been noticing this
10:24 am
agency, a nonprofit organization is run by a lawyer who reports to the public and also the state legislature. this is entirely the creation of politicians, lawyers and bureaucrats and it's not what engineers have designed. as we go forward i would think -- i would hope think more about open markets unless government setting rules on how power is generated, distributed and delivered. >> john: we will talk with the lieutenant governor of texas dan patrick coming up in the next hour, james freeman, thank you so much. we are now hearing from ted cruz about this trip to cancun and he said with school canceled for the week our girls asked to take a trip with friends. wanting to be a good dad i flew down with them last night and flying back this afternoon. my staff and i are in constant medication about what happened in texas.
10:25 am
my team and i will continue using all of our resources to keep texans informed and safe. that's what they are saying about it. other people are saying he was scheduled to come back on saturday. be three all we can do is bring the statement to our viewers. we will update you will on more on that story as we get it. meanwhile fallout from the grid it fueled trading surge a topic on capitol hill. >> a few things i'm not. i'm not a cat, and institutional investor or a hedge fund. i do not have clients, i'm just an individual whose investment in game stop and post on social media were based upon my own research and analysis. >> sandra: and that is reddit user growing kitty. one of the witnesses in today's house hearing on the game stop rally. what it could mean for the future of social media and the stock market. plus, a rover that has been
10:26 am
traveling to mars for months is set to touch down on the red planet in just a few hours. why nasa engineers called the landing 7 minutes of terror. that story is coming up next.
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money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa. >> sandra: at the house finances community is holding hearing on the reddit fueled frenzy of trading game stop and other stocks. hedge funds, the trading company robin hood as well as a trader who is blamed for the surge known as a roaring kitty. we are joined now by charlie gasparino. kevin mike kevin hassett, and mohamed all, former chair of president obama's global development council. welcome to all of you. charlie, first of all, you are
10:31 am
on camera, charlie. so when roaring kitty popped up on the screen, this is a guy organizing all those individual traders. novice traders on the social media platform called reddit. to drive the price of the stock up. when he popped up on the screen there was a poster of a cat behind him hanging there, and a head wrap, it was all kind of unusual but what so far is the biggest takeaway that we have heard so far? >> you know i am so immersed on this, and i've been on your show enough to talk about this, none of this is unfamiliar to me. the biggest takeaway i guess so far is, some of the stupid statements coming from the members. patrick mchenry asked i think the robin hood ceo why small investors can't buy shares in robin hood, well doc, it's not a public company. if you are doing it at that
10:32 am
level than the big issues here, which is a game evocation of wall street, which is disclosures on shorts selling, and the key plus to a set of mind makes your eyes glaze over. >> sandra: there was a live look at roaring kitty by the way. >> if you are starting at that level, my point is, you don't even know that robin hood is a private company and i don't think they will accomplish much here other than beat up ken griffin who is the head of citadel because he runs a massively profitable business that makes money. >> sandra: kevin, it's a great point and having worked inside the white house and dealt with a lot of lawmakers on these issues, you look at 54 members that make up this finance committee led by maxine waters, the chairwoman, the democrat from california. how can we possibly have these lawmakers, some of them who have never owned or traded in individual stock in their life, trying to dig into what may have
10:33 am
gone wrong here with this unprecedented move in an american company? >> i think what's going to happen is somebody is going to figure it out, like law enforcement or at the sec because the story is to delicious for politicians to let go of. the rules were changed to mess up the little guys and wipe them out. so that story is something that looked like what might happen, and i think at the end if something happened and rules were broken, including some of the folks that were on the panel today -- >> sandra: at the headlines all run that it was a big guys that broke the rules. was roaring kitty, was he allowed to go on the social media site and to gather and mass these groups of novice traders and have them get into a stock and run it up to almost $500 per share after he got it from your dollars come mohammed?
10:34 am
>> sandra, this is one of the many issues, the problem with this story as there are too many parts to it. was her collusion alone among the small investors? the other aspect is if the small investor protects it enough, there's a third aspect with some sort of conflict of interest between citadel and robin hood. and then what about the fact that we have a very close to a market accident? the big story there is not these four things, it's above it. we have seen a massive migration of risks, and the regulation hasn't caught up. they don't even understand what's going on and so that's why the end result of all of this will be confusion. >> sandra: kevin made the point about this, there is no scandal here. the facts basically undercut any
10:35 am
thing of a scandal. there was no collusion between robin hood and citadel to screw over the little guys. robin hood couldn't process the trade fast enough. i didn't have enough capital to process the amount of trades that they had and such dell is bailing out. at melvin capitol which was a hedge fund that was losing money, the hedge fund lost more money. small investors are losing money but it's there -- >> sandra: but to charlie's point there is no evidence of nefarious activity or wrongdoing. i think jpmorgan even dove into this and said the markets acted appropriately and the broker did what it had to do, didn't have proper capital and shut down in the fine print told there. >> i think in the end if there are a lot of guys that are gambling. it's a proven strategy but if you go in and out.
10:36 am
i think we can all agree with that statement. i will continue that conversation. >> john: it's nasa's most ambitious mission to mars that if all goes well will pay off today. it's the first in a row over a decade and a phil keating's live in the rover traveled over 300 million miles and people are saying, are we there yet? >> it took seven months to get there, it's all outside of the planet right now in less than three hours and should start descending to the surface so we should know that whether it lands successfully or crashes and burns. nasa is calling the final martian descent for perseverance 7 minutes of terror. perseverance will enter mars atmosphere zooming at 12 miles per hour and then will slow down with a giant parachute, a landing crane with reversed thrust rockets and then drop
10:37 am
down at a gentle 2 miles per hour on cables. the rover is equipped with 19 cameras and two microphones and so we will be able to hear what being on mars actually sounds like. it will land in the jezreel crater which scientists believe is an ancient lake bed and thus have evidence of previous microbial life. and this rover carries a small helicopter which will fly about for reconnaissance missions and provide outside of our possible landing locations for future human missions. and at this rover also has something called moxie which is an acronym for an experiment and test whether oxygen can be made with 100% carbon dioxide atmosphere that is on mars, and obviously if we are going to land and stay a while we need oxygen. >> john: we will be watching your covers all afternoon. i love how sandra just
10:38 am
deadpanned said. let us know if it lands successfully or crashes and burns. >> sandra: absolutely. coming up, mixed messages on the push to reopen america's schools with the white house and what they are saying their plan is. plus this. >> there's so much of this virus that we think we understand and we think we can predict, just beyond our explanation. >> sandra: a senior advisor on the white house covert response team stopped by california, and how california and florida have similar pandemic trends. one is locked down and the other remains widely open. dr. siegel on that, next. [ grunts, exhales deeply ] -did you hear that? -yeah.
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10:43 am
eruption. the mountains sending up plumes of orange smoke and spewing lava, volcanic ash and what one local described as, raining stones. the eruption forcing air airports to close down temporarily. at no reported injuries or deaths. >> john: sisley is a beautiful place. california and florida seeing similar coronavirus trends despite having drastically different responses to the pandemic. the similarities seeming to stump a senior advisor on the white house covert response team. watch. >> contrast states like florida and california, california basically in lockdown and their numbers are not that different from florida. >> there is so much of this virus that we think we understand, we think we can predict, it is beyond our explanation. what we do know is a more careful people are in the more they mask and social distance and the quicker we vaccinate,
10:44 am
the quicker it goes away on the less it spreads. >> john: let's bring in dr. marc siegel, fox news contributor and the author of a book. let's compare and contrast. in california has double the population of florida but florida has a higher population density and higher percentage of senior citizens. the clients are similar yet at the peak but california had more than double the cases in florida and for the most part, more than three times the number. >> i'm not confused. i have a lot of respect for andy slavin, and i've debated him but i'm not confused and i will tell you why. it's a simple word called medication. what does medication mean? when you have a lot of virus and in that community, here's what works. i'm asking and distancing, and it doing a laser approach to the area that is actually spreading. california didn't look at it that way. at the end of november, they
10:45 am
closed outdoor restaurants at a time when it was almost no spreading outdoor restaurants and outdoor restaurants had put a lot of money into increasing their outdoor footprint for this exact reason. so this is across the board strategy actually can increase the spread because people spread it amongst themselves. the time when lockdown's work is in advance before you have a lot of virus in the community, as we saw in australia and new zealand. >> john: one of the other big issues out there is deciding whether or not teachers should be vaccinated before going back to the classrooms. we came out with this official guidance saying, it's not necessary. the vice president equivocated and kind of conduct of the question, and jen psaki was a little more definitive. >> night of the president nor the vice president believes that it is a requirement. the cdc guidelines including a
10:46 am
range of mitigation steps and vaccinations as recommendations. it's not a requirement to reopen schools but they believe that teachers should be prioritized. >> john: if there are a lot of teachers unions saying we will not go anywhere near the schools until we are vaccinated and even when they get priority they still balk at it. break it down for us. >> the science shows that people are probably more at risk of catching covid in the community than in schools because in schools children get very mild cases are asymptomatic cases and they are shown to spread it much less likely to teachers. and a school is a structure. you can isolate children that are sick and send them home if they test positive for cobeta. and all of the other things that we missed by not having schools open like socialization and careful screening for mental health issues, diet and nutrition, all that is extremely
10:47 am
important. the point is teachers should be on the list to get vaccinated and it should be a priority but it's not a reason not to open the schools because the risk is so low. that also applies to areas of great spread in the community because you know what, the red zone, and this is a point of confusion that i think the cdc contributed to, and it's almost as if there is a lot of spread and you decrease the risk of overall spread. what he was saying there at the very end about red zones, the cdc is saying they can't have full in person learning if they are still in the red zone. what dr. siegel said as if you put children in school they are less likely to catch it if they are at home or in the communities. >> sandra: that some of these schools have remained open throughout so we are hoping for the best for our nation's kids.
10:48 am
meanwhile, the mayor de blasio is taking heat over a brand-new program to support the arts while new york city businesses are still shot and many are suffering. this video is getting a lot of attention and we will have that story for you next. plus you could take out $50,000 or more. money for security today, money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus. it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa. plaque psoriasis, the burning, itching. the pain. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks.
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10:50 am
leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
10:51 am
if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
10:52 am
>> john: the cancel culture knives are out for kendall jenner and particular brand called at 818 tequila, presumably named after the area code where she grew up. now a lot of people on social media are accusing her of cultural appropriation for having a tequila brand. others point out that several nonmexican celebrities have launched particular brands before like george clooney and that rocker sammy hagar with his capo while vote tequila, and sandra as well, dwayne johnson has one come after bryan cranston, nick jonas, it's tequila. >> sandra: and who doesn't like tequila? casa amigos, i think that's the cluny brand company sold it for hundreds of millions of dollars. you see that any wonder why other celebrities are doing it, too. new york city mayor bill de blasio has a detailed recovery plan for the city's battered economy so it's
10:53 am
no wonder he's facing backlash after a plan for dancing in the streets. another outdoor performance around town. david lee miller is live in new york city as so many have been able to see that video by now. >> it's been almost a year now since broadway, the opera, ballet and concerts were all halted in new york city because of the pandemic. now, the mayor is launching of a brand called open culture which will give a one-day permit to perform at more than 100 outside locations throughout the city. the organizations can sell tickets, ask for donations and some critics are already giving the mirror of a bad review. he also commented that the program was cringeworthy. >> we need arts and culture back and meet people to see it and feel it and participate in it. >> recent tweets from critics question spending taxpayer money on the arts while the crime rate
10:54 am
surges. musician joe bottom asset accuses the mayor of trivializing the industry saying the fact that folks don't realize how insulting this is to hundreds of thousands of dedicated performers is a real glimpse and how they don't value the art and view it as sort of a hobby. according to a recent study of the sector accounts for about $100 billion per year in new york city but as of now if you want to see the great white way the snow will have to do. >> sandra: it continues to fall in new york city. david leigh miller, thank you. >> john: texas dealing with a power crisis after the winter storms. as the state making any progress with recovery efforts? we will check in with lieutenant governor dan patrick. plus no apologies for the nursing home covid debacle now under federal investigation. we will talk with republican new york congressman tom reda coming up.
10:55 am
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>> john: fox news alert to start a new hour of "america reports," crisis in texas has him as i are still stuck in the cold and dark and demand answers now days after the state's power grid first failed. i'm john roberts in washington, d.c., hello sandra. >> sandra: tough situation down south was still nearly half a million people in the fourth day without power. that's down from about 4 million earlier this week but 1 of 4 still without safe drinking water as grocery stores report they are now running out of food. >> john: as of right now 36 people are dead across multiple states, some due to the record cold. finger-pointing underway with calls for separate investigations for both texas republican governors and house speaker nancy pelosi. many pointing fingers but the blame game is not any comfort to the families in the middle of this weather nightmare who just want to be safe and warm.
11:00 am
>> sandra: we will be speaking with texas lieutenant governor dan patrick in just a moment, but we begin to live south of dallas where grady trimble has been standing by, he's been talking to a rancher who has been dealing with all of this as well. >> no power and no water and equipment like tractors that won't start in this weather, these are the challenges that farmers and ranchers across texas are dealing as they faced this unprecedented cold. john paul dineen is one of them and this could cause some major problems not just for you but farmers all over the state. >> this is widespread. it's worse off of dallas here but it goes all the way down to the coast in the valley, those farmers down there have lost things and cattle having calves, they are having a hard time getting these calves warm and dry.
11:01 am
losing years to frostbite. >> the eye commissioners put out that warning saying store shelves are already almost empty. that's something that you're concerned about, right? >> your beef starts right here in places like this all across texas and when we cut sales that have been closed for two weeks, we got processing facilities and things like that they don't have electricity to operate, there will be hiccups in that supply chain going forward. >> i also wanted to get your thoughts on the blame game that's going on, the discussion between the wind producers and oil and natural gas producers. what do you make of all that? >> that impacts us of for having reliable electricity and keeping tractors alone so they crank up with block heaters and things like that. we talked about the process that we face, it's all about having a secure interest of the of energy. we stockpile hey so that we can
11:02 am
feed it to these cattle because that's their energy to stay warm. renewable is fine and it's great but we need to make sure that we have an ample backup ready to go for when these extreme conditions hit to compensate for the windmills freezing and the compensate for the snow cover on those solar panels until they can get back up to be producing. >> and you think the answer to that is fossil fuels which has been reliable for you and farmers across the state for a long time, but of course the investigation into what caused all of this sandra continues and likely will for weeks and months ahead. >> sandra: our heart goes out to ranchers like him and others that are dealing with this. thanks for reporting, grady trimble. >> john: it joining us now is the texas lieutenant governor dan patrick. good to talk to you. the white house that a little while ago that there still some 600,000 people out there without power down from several million. do you agree with that figure and when will power be restored
11:03 am
to everyone? >> the power is coming back as we speak so i think the numbers are probably below that. in another hour it will be live below that. i know in the greater houston area at the center point that stupids most of the power is back up well over 90%. encore which handles the dallas area, their numbers are of much higher as well that we still have now thousands of people as opposed to millions of people without power so we have made a lot of progress. by the time we get to tomorrow we should have this behind us for 2021 unless we have another severe freak storm in the coming weeks. when we get to tomorrow we should be in good shape. >> john: if there's been a lot of blowback there in texas against claims that were made by officials at a big part of the problem was wind turbines that stopped functioning. that was thermally generated electricity, what do you say? >> john we are going to have an investigation starting next week in the texas senate with several days of hearing to actually get
11:04 am
answers. leadership is about getting people's electric back on and that's what i've been focused on all week, getting heat and light, self-service and internet service so we can do the things we need to do to get food back in our grocery stores et cetera. so i've been focused on that. i'm not playing the blame game and i don't like republicans or democrats pointing fingers, that's not what people want to hear right now. they want to know they will have their power back which i think everyone will come it will be 100% but well over 90 by tomorrow or later tonight and we will work out of this. what i know is this. this is several factors, one, we had an unprecedented freeze that lasted for a number of days but we should've been prepared for that. our generation plants obviously were not winterized the way the legislature expected them to be on the recommendations that we made ten years ago, obviously it has come full force that they didn't do that job. her cot which is supposed to control the load so to be sure
11:05 am
the whole system doesn't go down when the demand is high, i don't think they've done the job properly but i'm not pointing the finger at anyone. the legislature has to take their responsibility to make sure this fixed once and for all and that's what people will do. there's been some misinformation out there and we do have a wind and solar in texas. on the best day in the summer when you have plenty of sunshine for 12 hours and a lot of wind to come it maybe it's 20%, a little bit more than that. but we don't count on that during the winter time. we did have turbines that froze on that cut down on monday night, we were already getting 2% from wind when we should have been getting around 12. we don't get solar at night, during the days. with frozen water lines, frozen gas lines and frozen equipment. >> john: i was going to ask you, some people have said what happened there in texas shows you are relying on renewables and i know that you have made it
11:06 am
one of your legislative priorities a priority to pass a bill to protect the fossil fuel industry by blacklisting companies that are anti-fossil fuel. how would that work? >> john, this is the key and it's great to have a portfolio of everything but fossil fuels are the most reliable. if we were depending on wind and solar for 75% of our energy now, as some on the left would like us to do, i couldn't get our lights back on. we are putting generators back on. this is a great lesson for america and it's good to have some renewables in your portfolio but you can't count on that in america. we can't count on that in texas and the federal government has been getting about 75 times the subsidies to wind and solar
11:07 am
which are not even economical without the subsidies that they've been given to fossil fuels. and we need more generation plans. they get subsidies but nowhere in comparison to wind and solar. we have not had any investment from private companies to come into texas because they can't compete. and so as long as wind and solar have a great advantage over fossil fuels and to hear the rhetoric from the left, they want to punish pop fossil fuels, you have to have nuclear and you've got to have coal, you got to have gas power plants. so john, it's fine again to have some wind and solar but you've got to have a core part of your program to be sure we have heat and light and power based on reliable energy and the wind and sun are not reliable, it's a small part, shouldn't be a big part and we will pass that bill because we have a lot of wall street firms that get
11:08 am
billions and billions of dollars from texas invested in their friends from various projects that they are turning their back on oil and gas. if people in this country are going to turn their back on the oil and gas america will suffer and texas will suffer but in terms of this freeze, mistakes are learned along the line and we will get the answers, we will fix it and this will not happen again. we will get the answers and find out what really happened but it was combination of a lot of factors all occurring at one time. >> john: we will let you get back to work. >> sandra: a lot of folks with a lot of work in texas and in other areas volunteers are working to save thousands of sea turtles from freezing water temperatures. the turtles are experiencing a condition known as cold stun which means they are awake but have lost the ability to move. the group's leaders said they have rescued about 4500 turtles since sunday.
11:09 am
so some amazing pictures and amazing work by those rescuers. >> john: it's amazing to see all those turtles that people have collected and heartwarming to know that people cared enough about them to do something. >> r8, we will be right back. >> first we need to take back the executive powers, that's absolutely true about that. he's abused his power and you see what he's doing to schools and small businesses. that's just a small part of this. what we want is a investigation that's taking place now and we wanted to be done independently and that is the key to justice for these families. >> new york governor andrew cuomo and his administration coming up with data and nursing home deaths. now there is word that the fbi is investigating those games. hello, brian.
11:10 am
new york republican has said they plan to introduce a measure to really start an impeachment commission that will gather facts and evidence surrounding governor andrew cuomo in this covid-19 nursing home scandal. and all of this as at the fbi and u.s. attorney in brooklyn are reportedly investigating and that's a covid-19 task force which deliberately withhold a nursing home jeff told that it which was lawmakers and the department of justice for months. the attorney general released a report, by as much as 50%. it also found that they sent 20
11:11 am
covid positive patients back into nursing homes and it may have led to more deaths. democratic assembly member ron kim whose uncle, an army veteran died of covid-19 in a new york nursing home is accusing the governor of obstructing the justice. kim responded by revealing that governor cuomo had threatened him in a phone call. he said it "governor cuomo throat called me on thursday to threaten my career. he said i haven't seen his wrath and that he could disk destroy me. bill de blasio who has a famously contentious relationship blasted the governor. >> that's classic andrew cuomo. and the bullying is nothing new.
11:12 am
and they are denying the cover-up. >> john: at brooklyn and brian, thanks so much. >> sandra: and congressman, welcome. if you have been calling this for days if not for weeks now for an investigation to happen. what do you believe it will reveal? >> we are going to get justice, this is the tip of the iceberg for these 15,000 souls that we've been fighting for for months and in regards to the nursing home scandal. it's not just the cover-up, that's just the tip of the iceberg. it's actually -- who advocated for this order and sent covid-19 positive patients into our nursing homes were covid negative seniors were living? governor cuomo ordered this and i will tell you his second in command is where we are going and working with the ways and means committee, working with others to file a federal complaint on this so stay tuned, we are not interested in a headline, we are interested in
11:13 am
justice. >> sandra: if allegations are true and this was a cover-up on the part of the governor, what sort of accountability might he see? >> you have obstruction of justice, perjury charges and so many different levels of federal corruption here that need to be brought against the governor as well as his second-in-command and others, and that's why this is just the tip of the iceberg. the cover-up is just a cover-up not only of the data, misrepresent the data to federal officials are hiding that data, it's also about who drafted this order? who advocated to send covid-19 positive patients into nursing homes where seniors were killed to the tune of 15,000 people? that is the root crimes that needs to be investigated, to end we will get to the bottom of it. and i will tell you, there are lobbyists all over this that he's got to answer for. >> sandra: i will ask you about that and just a second when he comes to this threat, to
11:14 am
which mayor de blasio from new york city was seen responding in that interview saying that's typical andrew cuomo. how did he get away with it? he was hailed a hero during the deepest, darkest months of covid last year. >> he's a bully because that's all he is. i had to pull over going from ithaca new york to corning because we had cell coverage issues and i listen to 45 minutes of that type of phone call from the governor and i stood up to it. kudos to ron kim for standing up for his uncle who passed away and was one of those 15,000 souls, he's doing the right thing. i stand with my democratic colleague, don't be intimidated. what you have to do is stand up to a bully. >> sandra: janice dean was affected by losing her in-laws and nursing homes.
11:15 am
who would have ever guessed it would be andrew cuomo tonight both sides of the aisle. >> janice dean is a hero, we were with her when this report broke and this is the justice that her loved ones, two of those 15,000 souls, we will stand with her and fight mental accountability and justice is done and make sure that those 15,000 souls are never forgotten and this never happens again. governor cuomo, you will be held accountable. >> sandra: congressman, thank you for joining us. >> john: a busy hour ahead, lots of people waking up to find there favorite news source has simply vanished after facebook makes a move in the middle of the night. >> sandra: also, he was
11:16 am
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11:20 am
>> john: fox news speaking with the final collar into rush limbaugh's radio show who said she he gave her some advice when she described what it was like to be politically active conservative. he said we can quote carry on my legacy, go out there and stand up, speak the truth and don't be afraid." rush spoke without the fear of being silent so who could ever fill that void?
11:21 am
this is one of those cases where howard may be somebody in america that is not replaceable. >> yes and it rush limbaugh is that person. there are huge radio conservatives and there are in every city in america conservative hosts who are very big in the region but couldn't step into his shoes nationally. i knew rush for decades and sometimes we can tangled and sometimes we interviewed him and he did more than create the conservative talk show industry. and there were and your voice mail would explode, calling into repeat what he said. >> >> john: can you imagine what it would have been like? speaking of twitter and
11:22 am
terrible, there has been a lot of vitriol out there in social media. at my twitter was full of yesterday and i found it disgusting, and i know you have some thoughts about it. >> it's reprehensible. i don't understand why some twisted people feel it's perfectly okay to applaud when someone, even someone they fundamentally disagree with passes away? it makes them look small and mean and petty. it's fine for detractors to criticize aspects of the career, he bashed liberals and denounced the drive-by media and he sometimes used language that going after his which was you don't have to whitewash somebody's career but it's very different from celebrating your passing. >> john: you can disagree with
11:23 am
somebody but can we keep the level of discourse at a respectable level? i'm wondering if that -- i'm wondering if social media has destroyed that entire aspect of dialogue in this country. >> while social media bears a lot of blame, particularly places like twitter that don't require you to use your real name and also bearing blame it on people who are engaged in the sort of thing. it's almost like a sickness in our society that everything has to be reduced to online hatred. i don't think any of that detracts from what rush limbaugh did accomplished, but the main thing is, the deepest act of rush limbaugh in my view it as he took politics and ideology for the masses and that spawned a whole lot of imitators and a lot of cable news hosts, a lot of politicians adopted that style and ran successfully for congress. and in some ways rush limbaugh paved the way for donald trump
11:24 am
who of course became a huge fan end in the last year of his life give the presidential medal of freedom. >> john: it's always good to get your perspective on things, thanks so much. sandra, i really am surprised about the high hateful things that people say on social media. i don't know why i'm surprised but every day i'm surprised. >> sandra: we continue to look back on rush limbaugh as he left the world yesterday. next as the world health organization investigates china and the origins of coal beta, what we are learning about the two animals that are being eyed as possible culprits in the spread. plus the game's stock saga taking place on capitol hill today and lawmakers trying to dig in with some pretty serious financial issues involving millions of dollars and many investors. and the star witness, someone named roaring kitty. >> i'm not a cat. i'm not an institutional investor. nor am i a hedge fund.
11:25 am
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11:29 am
>> sandra: it's a bottom of the hour, it's time for bob dole has announced he has lung cancer. this is his first treatment beginning monday. be one democrats introducing an immigration bill backed by president biden which includes a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants. >> sandra: and the world health organization focusing on two animals now as part of its investigation for china and the origins of the pandemic. they are looking at whether a a and ferrets badges in the wuhan market could have spread it. >> john: sandra, house lawmakers grilling key players in the game stop saga including the ceo of the trading app at robin hood and there's also testimony from a reddit user
11:30 am
named roaring kitty who helped fuel the stock frenzy. hillary vaughn it live on capitol hill. >> john, what's really been interesting as lawmakers on this committee have really been trying to get down to the details of who to blame for what happened with game stop even though some of them on this committee don't even own stocks themselves and many of them have not traded any stocks in the past year. but robin hood's ceo was on the receiving end of most of the grilling from lawmakers when he openly admitted that he had to cut off customers from buying game stop stock because they didn't have enough cash reserves to cover the surge of deposits needed. >> isn't it true that being concerned about having enough capital to meet deposit requirements, isn't that a liquidity problem? could you just answer yes or no? >> chairman waters, i appreciate the opportunity to address that.
11:31 am
we always felt comfortable with our liquidity and leaned his capital that robin hood raised. >> please answer yes or no. i don't have time, i just need a "yes" or "no" answer. >> hedge fund at such a doll was also in the hot seat about if they treat stockholders from companies like robin hood differently than a stock order from a company like fidelity. >> reclaiming my time and, sir. who gets the better deal? the one that comes from a broker who is being paid for order flow and one not, can you testify that on balance there is no difference, assuming the same size of the order? >> the size of the order is only one factor. >> you are doing a great job of wasting my time. >> lawmakers also heard from that reddit user who goes by the name that roaring kitty today, he made over $7 million off of
11:32 am
the whole game stock frenzy and also addressed accusations that he was pretending to be an amateur trader online when it really, having professional experience in real life. >> a few things i am not. i am not a cat. i am not an institutional investor, nor am i a hedge fund. i believe game stop has the potential to reinvent itself. >> john if you are wondering, roaring kitty says he is still bullish on game stop today. >> john: i'm not sure i'd bet not much on that stock going up but we will see, hillary vaughn for us on capitol hill. >> sandra: many lawmakers painting this is a wall street versus main street situation and calling for more regulations. our next guest says there is more to this than that. david batten says the president and council of interactive brokers and also the sec senior counsel. this is everything to you and you are an expert on this.
11:33 am
i thought it was important to bring you on after "the wall street journal" editorial board actually quoted you in your piece. at the robin hood and conspiracy, why a margin call is not a wall street plot to fleece reddit traders. you were brought in basically to try to clear the air on any nefarious activity that might have happened here. was there any wrongdoing on anyone's part that we have learned in the hearing so far? >> what came out at the hearing today is pretty much what we expected to hear for the past few weeks which is that there's really no evidence that robin hood is trying to disadvantage the retail clients. rather they were faced with the kind of a margin call from the clearinghouse which was sort of an unprecedented situation for them where their security deposit that the clearinghouse went over, went over like ten times overnight. so they had to scramble to be able to find that security deposit.
11:34 am
you pretty much have two choices in that situation if you are a broker, you can either raise capital or restrict trading to reduce the amount of your security deposit at the clearinghouse and robin hood did both. >> sandra: interesting. so when you see this narrative running that wall street has raked against the main street, that the individual investor can't possibly could thrive as much as the sophisticated traders out there, you say what. >> i think that's completely wrong. i think robin hood and other online brokers have done a service over the past few years to privatized trading and obviously we tried to make those points. the retail public can trade more instruments, faster and cheaper and more quickly, it's much better than it was 40 or 50 years ago and the internet has played a great role on that with all these innovative companies developing technology has done a really good job of that. trading costs are down investment participation, these things are really good. and robin hood is part of that.
11:35 am
>> sandra: that's a really interesting perspective. i want to put a tweet by dave portnoy from barstool sports on the screen, he's been fighting for the little guy. he says when you are right, you're right. vlad belongs in jail, of course that's the ceo of robin hood. on the can answer yes and no questions, i'm surprised he's not pleading the fifth. i think that's the hard part, we just had charlie gasparino on about this. you got 54 members of congress sitting in this finance committee right now who have never owned an individual stock and never meet a traitor. but you just saw maxine waters grilling one of those witnesses, that you can't answer a "yes" or "no" question. there must be some wrongdoing here. >> it's very frustrating. they ask a question that takes them three or 4 minutes to get out that has 14 parts and then they demand a "yes" or "no"
11:36 am
answer and he essentially don't give the witness any chance to explain what's a nuanced information. this robin hood situation with game stop involved a lot of complicated stuff about the u.s. financial markets and how does settlement risks between the time you do the trade in the trade settles, a lot of this kind of really boring back office technology and financial stuff, and it's heavily regulated. all of that nuance is completely thrown out the window by the folks on twitter trying to get clips. >> sandra: i didn't call this the cast of characters. you see the head of the brokerage firm, and can citadel whose billionaire and talented trader takes on a lot of risk. you haven't read it, the social media outlet and we have roaring kitty, with a headband. he drives all the trading on reddit and he drove a lot of the game stop activity. but i will focus finally on him because he is now being sued in
11:37 am
the company he works for, because he claims to be some sort of novice trader when we are finding out now that he was not. he is a licensed securities dealer. could there have been wrongdoing on his part? he's claiming to be the champion of the little guy. >> i don't make too much of that. i mean it's true that it he appears to have been registered in some respect with a financial firm and i'm not exactly sure the details of what he actually did. i think it's going to be may be more of a supervisory issue for them and at least according to his. and for example he was getting on reddit and urging people to buy at the same time that he was selling, and there are things like that that i think -- they certainly know how to do cases against people like that.
11:38 am
>> that company was valued at that. that's a really interesting story as we continue to follow up. you. and you know, i have the background on trading i grew up on trading floors and watch the stuff my whole life and when you see politicians get in a room and ask people who really know what they are talking about with these questions, it's hard. it's almost like the narrative is there before you ask the question. statement while that's typically what a hearing is. many of those lawmakers consider themselves speakers. we will see where this all goes. sandra, the bill and melinda gates foundation backs dozens of educational cause is that including a group that contends the way we teach math is inherently racist. we will hear more on that. and thousands of jobs have been lost in new york city during the
11:39 am
pandemic and all mayor de blasio is releasing a psa. why some critics are calling it tone-deaf. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ today's all-time low interest rates plus get cash. with home values climbing, now is the smartest time ever to turn your home's increased value into an average of $50,000 cash. refiplus. it's new, it's only for veterans, and it's only from newday usa.
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tremfya®. emerge tremfyant™ janssen can help you explore cost support options. >> sandra: one of the world's richest people now taking issue with everything from meat to masks. bill gates and his foundation backing an effort to make masks less racist as they see it, but taken out opportunity to show work. the u.s. and other nations shouldst switch to synthetic me to help climate change. jonathan? >> is all about cows and of their in missions, long been known to be a significant source of methane. bill gates makes the argument that if you reduce the demand for beef, he reduced the need for cows and reduce emissions so he's a big supporter of and investor in plant-based protein
11:44 am
companies like beyond and impossible, who make products that are supposed to look like beef, cook like beef and to the best of their ability, tasted like beef. in an interview with mit's technology review, gates said it "you can get used to the taste difference and the claim is they will make it taste better over time. eventually that green premium is modest enough that you can change the behavior of people or use regulation to totally shift demand. gates shouldn't be lecturing anyone on how to deal with climate change while living in very large homes and playing a private jet around the world but that's an issue that gates himself acknowledges quite openly but it's something he's open to tackle. >> so i switched to an electric car use solar panels. >> maybe try it before you knock
11:45 am
it. and the roberts twins might like it, too. i try it out. >> sandra: i've tried it, it's not bad. it's different, that's all i know. >> john: i love the impossible burger myself. bill gates is also taking an issue with masks. the bill and melinda gates foundation is putting out a toolkit called the pathway to equitable math instruction. the toolkit argued that math is inherently racist and requiring correct answers as an example of white supremacy. what do you say? >> i would like to say i had a giant ribeye this week and it was absolutely delicious.
11:46 am
and children shouldn't be encouraged to find the right answer, and based off of the premise that somehow minority students are less capable than their peers. why are we teaching and indoctrinating children based off of race and opposed to just bringing them together and allowing them to be children. we know there are two things that really shape a child's future which is a strong family unit and a good education. yet democrats to the left, and also stand with teachers unions, in the way of school choice which would allow parents to choose the path and education of their child as opposed to letting the zip code determine that child's educational success. >> john: if jason rantz has a conservative talk radio host in
11:47 am
seattle took on this issue in an opinion column in which he wrote about this, the toolkit breach is that white supremacy culture shows up in the classroom where teachers treat mistakes as problems by equating them with wrongness because it reinforces the idea that perfectionism, the student should make mistakes and paternalism, teachers are experts that can and should correct mistakes. it doesn't explain why it's white supremacist culture but just says that it is. seattle schools are developing diversity curriculums for things like social studies and art which to invite diversity about two plus two equals four and there's just no way you can get around that. unless you are an attorney, of course. >> why not the emphasis on narrowing some of these gaps? for instance in san francisco 77% of white kids are proficient in opposed to 12% of black kids. the problem is the public school system is absolutely broken.
11:48 am
at leasing teachers unions really hold children hostage for themselves. it's about the adults and not about the students, and what we see is complete inequality and the kids were provided different opportunities. but the way to narrow that gap and provide those poor students a better education and set them up for success is set them up for two comic choice. the majority of political parties are behind the teaching unions. democrats are standing with them instead of the children and it's fundamentally wrong. >> john: lisa boothe, thank you for your perspective on this. >> sandra: new video, senator ted cruz that we've been reporting the last couple of hours, he's made his way back to texas. this is brand-new video that you
11:49 am
are seeing that came under fire when a storm knocked out millions in his home state. he was in touch with officials in texas while he was away, and that's brand-new video of him not returning. her name but of that statement that you write out last hour john saying he went there for his girls, delivered them and made his way back. >> john: if they were out of school this week and wanted to go to cancun with some friends so he did the fatherly thing. and they change the return date to today but we don't know the veracity of that particular claim. the mayor in december issued his own admonition to stay home during coal bed and flew to a wedding in cabo. so now ted cruz is potentially getting some of his own medicine
11:50 am
there. he does contend he went on the assembly to escort his children. we will find out when he gets back in, perhaps with the full story >> sandra: point of crisis happening in texas, formed .4 million texans without power due to this bungled response. when he was asked specifically about the power response he did not offer a defense of that but still many trying to stay warm in that state. we've all got a friend or family member we've been in touch with there, and it's a difficult situation. i know i've got family members who are without water right now and it's difficult to go anywhere. they are getting more snow, right now the austin area getting more snow so it's a difficult situation. it's affecting a lot of people. there would be some outrage to see the state senator is making a trip out of the state to a place like cancun. and we will leave it there.
11:51 am
>> there are asymptomatic cases and they are much less likely to spread it, and school is a structure. you can do pool testing and isolate children desiccants in the moment they test positive. and all the other things we missed by not having schools open. >> sandra: that was dr. marc siegel talking about reopening america's schools. critics say the cdc's guidelines are too strict about a study finds transmission rates are too low to keep kids out of the classroom. our next guest is a senior author of that study, dr. tracy help. doctor, thank you for being here. and we had a unique opportunity to study kids in wisconsin and we had 5,000, more than 5,500 students and we had a 37% lower
11:52 am
rate of covid in classes and in the schools that out in the community. we had a very limited spread it. only the seven cases shown to be transmitted over the 13 weeks within the school, with up to 41.6% test positivity rate in the community. >> sandra: he went as far to say as it goes against the science to keep kids out of the classroom. school reopening snow a tiered system for reopening is not based on science. we had up to 40% test positivity rate in our study and minimal disease spread in schools, none to teachers and that's really important doctor because you still have so many teachers in some specific areas saying, i won't return to the classroom unless we are all vaccinated. >> that's right. we found in general it's safer for the kids to be in school than out in the community and so
11:53 am
that is an improper interpretation of the research to say that we should be keeping kids and teachers out of school when we are seeing especially the elementary aged kids being passed around between caretakers and the community. and they are being put at increased risk because of that when they would be safer in schools with mitigation strategies in place. >> sandra: doctor, many have said they're up in schools open through all of this especially some of the parochial schools that kept their doors open and had full time in class learning. you didn't see a sporadic, if any, minimal spread in any of the situations there. so why wasn't that a better model for the public schools to reopen? why couldn't that have been leaned on more as an example? >> you know i think it should have been. i think we should have had a better ability to work together to see what was working in the states that had public schools
11:54 am
that open successfully is and the private schools at open successfully. even in our study, we found that among elementary school kids, they didn't need to have -- they didn't have the 6-foot distancing that a lot of public schools are saying currently is required to keep the kids safe. they were generally between three and 6 feet apart and so -- and most of the schools did not have to change out ventilation systems, so we are not seeing that it's as complicated as many of the public schools are saying that it needs to be in order to open safely. >> sandra: you just hope for the best and you hope for these kids to get back in the classroom. doctor, you wonder what that ketchup is going to be like. when you have so many kids out of school in than the ones that have been able to go to full in class learning, what that will be like when they all -- some of those parochial kids get back into the public schools, with the ketchup will be like for some of the students, time will
11:55 am
tell. we appreciate your help this afternoon. >> john: sandra, coming up, we are watching for a nail-biter on the red planet as nasa's mars rover is set to make its historic landing just a short time from now. or as phil said, crashes and burns potentially. and cookie inspired kicks. the girl scouts are coming out with a new cookie inspired product but this one you can't eat.u ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ . alright, i brought in ensure max protein... give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't (grunting noise)
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are >> sandra: but an hour from now, nasa's mars rover set to make a landing. entering a atmosphere at 12 now, miles per hour. nasa calls seven minutes of terror before touch down. lay groundwork for human missions to mars. >> trace: fashion wear got sweeter girls team u.s.a. teaming up with k swiss to launch a cookie inspired sneaker. inspired by the scout's top
12:00 pm
sellers including thin mints and caramel delights. no samoaas? come on. >> sandra: is that your favorite? >> trace: yes, because if you have one you want some more. >> sandra: i'm a thin mint girl myself. thank you for joining us i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. the story starts right now. >> martha: thin mints, too. thank you sandra and john. good afternoon, everybody, i'm martha mccallum right here in new york. right here on "the story" we have an exclusive interview with the new york democrat who is standing up to governor cuomo. he says the governor harangued and threatened him in a 10-minute phone call at his home to try to scare him into submission. the governor's office denies this. ron kim joins us live with his side of the story in mommy's. moments. this is ramping up now the fbi investigating the governor's actions on nursing homes in new york during covid. bineldz and kamala harris on the campaign trail say


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